The Lucid Planet Collection Volume 1
The Lucid Planet (TLP) aims to bring the two worlds of cryptography and fine art closer together by creating a stimulating puzzle solving NFT project.




650 / 650 Remain

0.1 ETH + GAS

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Our Planet

The Lucid Planet is a utopian planet that seems different, yet familiar. Led by a mysterious all-powerful Architect, the world contains 5 biomes, each managed by an Ancient Creator. As an inhabitant of The Lucid Planet — it’s Gazers, you possess unique abilities, weaknesses, and beliefs, unique to your biome.

In this collaborative world building project, you’ll solve a series of ciphers, riddles, and codes to unlock hidden secrets that lurk beneath this mysterious world. What happens in this world, it’s all up to you.

The only defense of the world is a thorough knowledge of it.

Paul Team

The artistic talent behind The Lucid Planet, Paul is a visual artist who has individually crafted each one of the project’s 650 NFTs.


boot Team

Mastermind and technical lead of The Lucid Planet, boot is well entrenched in web3 and has had previous success in bringing a 7 figure NFT product to market.


drem Team

Serial entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast who has talent sourced and co-financed the launch of The Lucid Planet.


gldn Team

Painter of pictures through words, gldnpencil has helped shape the narrative, lore, and world that is The Lucid Planet.


metamots Team

Engaging with and nurturing our community of Gazers, Metamots manages our Twitter and Discord to ensure you’re successful on your TLP quest.